MSecure antivirus Antivirus System provides protection against both known and unknown malware. It intelligently combines traditional signatures for fast identification of known threats and heuristics+ and generic signatures & for proactive detection of new threats.

MSecure antivirus is much more than antivirus protection; it is a comprehensive, unified defense against worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, rootkits and other malicious threats. Running multiple applications for antivirus, antispyware and others can slow your PC, be difficult to manage, and does not necessarily offer the best protection. MSecure antivirus was SEOed as a single, highly -optimized shield against a broad range of threats, providing the most efficient and effective protection.

Main Products

MSecure Proactive Solution.

Proactive Prevention from Unknown Threats (zero-day exploits), which can be prevented and disinfected by MSecure antivirus Code Emulations. The entire process is done without user's interruption and doesn't impact on your system performance. In most cases MSecure antivirus can identify and stop a new threat without requiring an update. However, MSecure antivirus automatically checks hourly for updates to signatures and heuristics, providing a solid backup to the proactive detection.

MalwareSecure Antivirus.

MSecure antiviru offers layered and efficient protection for various systems. With this, servers, clients and mail gateways are well-guarded against possible attacks. It also offers the Enterprise Edition ideal for businesses that need to protect their respective computer systems and applications. Interestingly, it has a remote administration console allowing business owners to beef up their operations.

MSecure WebSecurity.

MSecure WebSecuty is a proprietary innovative Next Generation software package provide an utmost level of websecurity for Home and Business users. When you are running a business as an entrepreneur, you need your employees to follow the various underlined company policies. But the rules are broken very often as far as surfing the web and opening prohibited sites are concerned. MSecure WebSecuirty provides full proof web security. It's completely a cloud based solution which filters all your inbound and outbound traffic without any latency lag.

MSecure Proactive Solution
MalwareSecure Antivirus
MSecure WebSecurity